Ammadzadeh Heydar (as) Behbahan

(34 رای)

The holy shrine of Imamzadeh Heydar is one of the sons of Imam Musa Kazem (AS) and is known as one of the tourist attractions of Khuzestan. In the historical books of Imamzadeh Heydar Behbahani with the names of "Amirhadir" and "Agha Pirhidar" is also mentioned.

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In 737 AH For the first time, a shrine and a place for the Imam Zadeh Haydar (PBUH) were built in Behbahan the Great and later it was restored and developed during Safavid and Qajar times.
The building of the Imamzadeh Haydar Astana consists of a large courtyard, Motahar hall, Roza Manorah, Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra Hall, Imamzadeh Haydar Mosque, New Imam Hassan Mojtaba's Hall in two floors, dome and 4 flower beds, which are unique in architecture. He has an Iranian Islamic identity.

  • Background information

    According to the evidences of the dormant present in this graveyard, Heidar ibn Dawood ibn Sajid ibn 'Badran ibn Fallah ibn Mohsen ibn Muhammad al-Mushashi is the noble nobleman of Muhammad ibn Imam Musa Kazem (peace be upon him), apparently Amir Behbahan, who was martyred in the middle of the 10th century AH in Behbahan. it is arrived.
  • Specific information

    Holy Holy Imam Zadeh Haydar (as) Behbahan today shines like the sun in the sky of Khuzestan and its neighboring provinces, and as the most pilgrimage of the mosque of Khuzestan, the holy place of the Prophet's family has been so popular among the lovers of the Holy Prophet's family and the pilgrims of the day Many of the country, especially the provinces of Khuzestan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, Fars and Bushehr, will seek the pilgrimage and worship of this impenetrable Imam.
  • Recommendation

    This Imam Zadeh has domes, gardens, mosques, Hosseiniyeh, large salons and mirrors, Dar ul-Shafa and the clinic, resistance base, library and a large new lounge

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