Arbil Market

(8 رای)

Ardebils Historical Market is located in downtown and Imam Khomeini Street

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  • Address : Ardebil - the sides of Imam Khomeini Street

The Ardebil Market consists of small shops, baths and a mosque. This market was a thriving center of business in the 7th and 8th centuries AH. In the following centuries, part of the big bazaar and shops and palaces were considered as the endowments of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardebili's tomb, and the proceeds and revenues were spent on the expenses of this tomb.

  • Background information

    The current building of the market is one of the works of the Safavi and Zandia era, which is based on the early foundation of the market. The major part of the Ardabil market was destroyed during urban construction and change over the past half century.
  • Outlook

    The Ardabil Market with feautures sidewalks, arches and tents, and simple domes that reflect the works of the Safavia and Qajar dynasties include the main market order, the order of Pir Abdolmalek, the order of Qaisriya, the order of the shrine, the Golan, Zargaran, Serajan, Cotton sellers, Bazar, knife makers, blacksmiths, nursery heads (Hajji Mirza), Golshan's headquarters, lawyer's offices, , Hajj Ahmad's workshops, Saraj Haj Shakr, Saray Majidieh, , Derawi and Tymech Chainsaws
    The underside of the building, regardless of the base of the shops and the length of the market, are 12 bases with 12 arch arches for the dome floor. There are eight storey vaults in the shop and in the other four are the hallways of the markets.
  • Recommendation

    This market is generally divided into different parts, notable businesses in this market are groceries, butchers, khartan, serajan, qaiserie, knife dealers, hatchets and many others.
  • Facilities

    The Historical market of Ardebil was restored and preserved by the Cultural Heritage Organization and registered with the number 1690 in the national monuments list after the Islamic revolution.

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