Arjan Castle Behbahan

(40 رای)

Arjan castle is located in Behbahan city. The castle of Arjan Behbahan during the Sassanid era and defended against the invasion of Arabs in the northwestern part of Behbahan by Ariberzan, who is said to be in the Roman language of Aryubrzan.

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Paul Amir »The author of God Almut writes about Arjun: Arjan Castle is located above the Rocky Mountain. The castle in the highest part of the mountain rests on a large boulder and the rain water enters the castle's warehouses from the same bay and filled them.

  • Specific information

    The tower building style is adapted from Roman castles and is in the shape of a cube. The courtyard of the Arjan castle is relatively large, and on the courtyard there are three floors of the chamber, one above the other, and all the chambers with a vault of several branches known as the Roman vault.

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