Ashzar (Cloud Forest)

(43 رای)

Alohall Waterfall, Cloud Forest, located 45 km north of Shahrud, on the Shahrood Road

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  • Address : Semnan - Shahrood - Cloud Forest

Allochal Falls, another tens of breathtaking falls in the clouds of the cloud forest. Allochal consists of two large cascades that flow through a few hundreds of miles and eventually form the main cascade.

  • Specific information

    Cloud forest area is covered by clouds in most seasons and the presence of this forest is the presence of these clouds, which are driven by mountains in the Caspian Sea. The cloud concentration in most of the seasons in this forest has caused an interesting vegetation. The presence of the cloud in the downstream areas of the northern watershed has doubled the beauty of this forest.
    From tree plants, we can mention oak, hornbeam, maple, lilac, alder, honeydew free, and rangeland plants of Hassan, Hawks, Saints, foxtail, thyme and clover.
    The fauna of this area can be brown bear, Greg, leopard, wild boar, jackal, fox, rabbits, goats, chamois and birds of Quebec, woodland pigeon, quail, eagles Forest, vultures, hawks, doves, pheasants named .
  • Outlook

    Symay public in this area to the east and west due to the high altitude makes the clouds by blowing into the mountains are driven, in the middle of compression of the corridor is the original and multi-channel sub-clouds to the south of the Alborz mountains While creating scattered forests with a variety of tree species and shrubs, the climate of the city is also optimally purified and moist and peroxygenated. This area is located between the two climatic regions of dry and semi-arid, humid and semi-humid, which has caused plant and animal diversity.
    Shshrdar Waterfall in the cloud on the north slope of Mount Cloud and among the dense trees of this forest is very famous. This beautiful waterfall is visible to the valley bathhouse with a 1 hour walk and is fed from high water springs. The clean roads of this forest lead to the forests of southern Gorgan.
  • Must know

    Cloud forest on the north is limited to the forests of the Golestan province and from the east to the Olang district from the south to the mountains Qasem, Kuh-e-Qar and Qatar, and from the west to the Yakham and Tiknano Mountains.

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