Ayoub is a cave of Kerman province

(17 رای)

, located on Mount Ayub, in the southeast of the city of Dehaye. The origin of this cave is volcanic lava, which adds to the importance of the Ayoub Cave.

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  • Address : Iran - Kerman - Babak Town 50km from the Pomegranate Road to Babak Town, Joosem City, Dejah Section

The main characteristic of the Ayob Cave is a very large crater with 60 meters in length and 80 meters in height, the largest cavern of the cave in Iran.

  • Specific information

    Ayub Babak's Cave Due to its appearance in an area with flammable mines, it does not have any cave. But to compensate for this shortage, erosion has acted on the surface of the rocks around the cave, which has created the most beautiful erosion rocks on the walls. Another feature of the cave is the wider openings and the tallest ceiling in the well-known Iranian caves. Another feature of it is the ejaculation of an organic material called mummy. This material is seen on the ceiling and some of the walls of the cave, and it is hanging from the ceiling like a scumbager. In ancient times, this valuable material, such as gold, was in the exclusive possession of the kings and used to improve bone fracture and some other treatments.
  • Outlook

    The openings of the Ayoub Cave are Babak City in the form of a half oval with a diameter of 80 meters and a height of 60 meters. The distance from the mouth of the cave to its end, which is located on the rock, is about 200 meters. The cave floor reaches the top of the cave by about 60 degrees. Within the cave and to the right of the distance of 100 meters from the mouth of the water source, the people of Dehaj, on it, closed the water and led the water through the pipe to the outside of the cave and a warehouse. According to the inhabitants of Dehaj, Ayyub, the Prophet, who suffered from a fatal illness, when he found water in the cave, and was treated with it, the people of Kayyad, because of the journey of Job to the cave, called the name of the Prophet on the cave They have made

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