Bahram Beygi Tokkilouyeh and Boyer Ahmad

(37 رای)

The Bahram Beyqi Waterfall is one of the natural attractions of Jasim-e-Nawas around Yasouh and is about 35 meters high at altitudes. Bahram Beyqi Waterfall Falls with very cool water and gurra to volcanic valleys covered with plantain trees and walnuts dating back to several hundred years old and varied vegetation on the slopes of this beautiful waterfall down the lower plains.


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: Bahram Beigi Waterfall in Delhi village Bahram Beigi (Samandi) is a central part of the city of Dena, located 50 km northwest of Sissokhat and 70 km from Yasuj, the capital of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province.
Bahram Beygi Waterfall is located one kilometer from the village, and at the bottom of this small pool pond there is a good place to sit around. Medicinal herbs are found in the mountains of the region abundantly.

  • Background information

    Delhi village Bahram Beygi has long been the village of Boyer Ahmadi nomads, and based on some local sources, it has been considered one of the nomadic horse breeding hotspots. The village of Delhi Bahram Beigi is spoken in Lari, a Muslim and follower of Shiite Ja'fari.
  • Specific information

    The "Bahram Beygy" waterfall is located 50 kilometers west of the city center of Dena, in the southern part of the Dena mountain range, between the villages of Patahu and Ludab.
    The height of this village is 1550 meters above sea level.
  • Best time

    The climate of Delhi village Bahram Beigi is pleasant and pleasant in the spring and summer, and in the cold winter.
  • Must know

    Access to the Bahram Beygi Waterfall in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad - Yasuj - Yasuj Road to Isfahan - Patahu City - On the west side of the road we enter the Patagh Road to Margoon.
    The Bahram Beqi Waterfall is located at the 15th kilometer of this road, next to the road and is completely visible from the inside of the road. The entire path is asphalt and can be achieved with any kind of machine. After a car park you can reach the waterfall by a quarter of a walk.
  • Facilities

    The recreation area around Bahram Beyqi waterfall attracts many tourists during different times of the year.

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