Bahram Gasr Caravanserai

(6 رای)

Shah Abbasi Caravansary (gasr Bahram) is one of the observatories of the province of Semnan, which has attracted many astronomers in recent years to observe the central margins of Iran.

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Bahram Gasr is related to the Sassanid period and built by the Bahram Sassanian or Bahram Gur and then reconstructed by Shah Abbas Safavid and used as a caravanserai

  • Specific information

    This building, which is more like urban caravansaries and is less similar to the caravanserai, is, according to some experts, contrary to its name, a building for the residence of the Safavid king during hunting and kingship.
  • Outlook

    The exterior appearance of this inn is in the form of a square, with its large and regular limestone and white stones, and also the palace has four towers and a half-circle, and two north and south gates, and also the four-door porch The rooms are located around the courtyard or central courtyard, and the central courtyard is large and 8-yard, and there are 24 rooms around it, as well as a four-door pond at a depth of about 2 m in the middle of the central courtyard, and a simple large courtyard There is also a large arched vault on the eastern side of the inn, and on the western side of the central courtyard there is a large hall, inside which there is a part of the Nash And the sills are around and a veranda in the front hall.
  • Recommendation

    The Shah Abbasi Caravanserai(Palace of Bahram), also known as Abbas Abad Caravanserai, is currently being used as a desert park for the Desert National Park as well as a guesthouse for the stay of tourists and researchers.
  • Must know

    masir pishva, Long Castle, Mubarak, and then Bahram Palace
    2- Garmsar, Lierran, Galaxy, Garmsar Shelf Road and then Bahram Palace

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