Bastam Qara Zia-al-Din castle

(47 رای)

Bastam Castle or Bastam Fort is one of the historical attractions around the city of Qara-i-Ziadin, which is the third most-known Urarutian area of ​​the world in terms of its size. Bastam Fort is located seven kilometers from Qara Ziad al-Din in northern Azarbaijan, west of Iran, and is always open to tourists.

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Bastam Fort is located near the village of Bastam in the western part of the city of Qarazia al-Din in the central part of Chaiparat city and near Khoy city in West Azarbaijan province.
Bastam Ghare Ziauddin Fortress is located on top of a mountain near the village of Bastam and has solid stone walls facing the lower valley of the aristocracy.

  • Background information

    Fortress of Bastam Qara Ziauddin was built on the orders of the second principals (645-685 BCE) and was one of the most important cities of Urartu. The fort was abandoned after the overthrow of the Median people in this region, and only in the medieval period (simultaneously with the Mongol period) was used by a group of Christians whose works left the role of crosses on the rocks.
  • Specific information

    Ancient excavations show that the Bastam castle was built for 50 years and in three stages, with a temple, a bazaar, a government headquarters, a tower, a barrow, gates and secret ways of exiting. Bastam Castle has solid stone walls On the top of the rock, overlooking the big gates. The lower islet consists of the gate, the guesthouse, the stables and the troop station, the middle plain of which is a temple with numerous rooms and upper floors, which is the summit of architectural architecture of Urartu, with its location, headquarters and pathways. Output from the castle are also the main parts of this ancient castle.
  • Outlook

    The walls in the castle are made of large stones and have a hole in the Urartu era architecture
  • More Info

    The German Archaeological Board during the ancient excavations from 1969 to 1978 in the area of Bastam and its surroundings, the four fortresses of Urartui, one in Bastam and the other three in the castle of Oglo, the Ozob of the Hill, and the Asahi Quril (each a few kilometers wide) and a scroll of damage They discovered a great deal of urethra and a significant amount of pottery and metal.

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