Bebj Shams Tabrizi Azarbayjan-e-Gharb

(36 رای)

Shams Tabrizi tower built on Mazari attributed to Shams Tabrizi during the Safavid period in Khoy. The remaining miniature documents and photographs of Shams Tabrizi's Tomb in Khoy City indicate that the building originally consisted of three minarets around Shams's grave, which for now only one of the natural reasons has remained.

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The outer surface of this minaret is decorated with horns of wild ram which Shah Ismail Safavi had hunted during his 40-day stay in the mountain range of Khoy Khoy. Shams Tabrizi Tower is 3.40 meters Qatar with 11 meters.
27-Urmia Army Commander-in-Chief: Urmia Army Orphanage Mart, known among the people known as the Urmia Temple Manor, is considered one of the old buildings of the city, which dates back to the year 1307 and has now become one of the historical attractions of Urumia. Is.

  • Background information

    Architect of Urmia Shahid Municipality Shahdi Mohammad Hussein, famous architect Yeh Molla Avesta, and its engineer and architect Varnat Khvansyan, were one of the leading architects in Iran. This mansion was built in the artillery square for the military and administrative use of Reza Shah in the city center. Due to the type of building used as a curved shape.
    Urbanniy mansion is located in the center of Urmia and the old Toopkhaneh Square (the western margin of Revolution Square). Reza Shah, after his arrival in Urmia, in 1307, ordered the construction of buildings around the Tuphkin Square (Revolution Square), including the building of the township. In the years 1310 - 1309 he completed the construction of this building. This mansion, which complemented the construction of the physical space around the square, was built by the architect Mashhadi Mohammad Hussein, a famous architect of Mullah Ovest. The building, located on the edge of the square, is in the east-west direction.
    The main facade of the building is facing the field and according to the type of initial use of the building is built with many interior spaces that connect to the central corridor. The plan is designed in a circular shape, so that the entrance of the building in the center and the two sides of the building are associated with two wings, which is important in its own right.
    The main materials used in the construction of the Urmia Urmia's mansion are brick and plaster, and the stone is also used for the exterior facade. The arches used in this building are of broken arc type. In 1360, the building changed from military-administrative to residential use, resulting in physical changes and extensions. Due to its military function, the interior is no longer an impressive interior decoration, and most of its decorations can only be seen at the entrance, decorated with beautiful pillars and plasterings. The brickwork and stone slope of the entrance view are also other decorative elements of this building. The Orphanage's Urmia mansion number 2761 is on the national monument's list of historical monuments and is owned by the Cultural Heritage Organization.
  • Specific information

    Urbanniy mansion is located in the center of Urumieh and the old artillery square (the western margin of Revolution Square).
    Due to the military function of Urmia Housing Command, the interior has no significant decorations, and most of the decorations of this building can only be seen at the entrance, which is decorated with beautiful pillars and plasterings.
    The brickwork and stone slope of the entrance exterior are also other decorative elements of Urmia Housing Mortgage.
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