BerkeGogli Lake in East Azarbaijan

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BerkeGogli Lake is a beautiful lake in the south of the village of Majarshin and in the village of Gonbarf, which is considered a beautiful tourist attraction of East Azarbayejan.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Azar Shahr - Majarshin Village.

BerkeGogli Lake is located on the hillside of Changil; the water supply sources of this pond are provided by flowing waters from melting snow, atmospheric rainfall and the Agh Valley valleys.

  • Specific information

    Googli is a combination of the words Ego means blue and flower means pond. The Lake Googoli water is used in agriculture and livestock.
  • More Info

    Majarshin (or Mirzanchin) is one of the villages in the East Azarbaijan province located in the Gonbarv district of central part of the city of Osko and is located about 65 kilometers from the metropolitan city of Tabriz. The village's population is currently 1,300. In its natural state, Majarsin is a mountainous country with staircase houses and has paved roads with the cities of Osko and Azarshahr. Majarshin village is also the location of the crossroads between Azarshahr and Gonberf as well as Oco to Gonberf, which also has a very privileged position in relation to the villages around it.

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