Bibi Zeinab Khatoon Sarbishheh

(48 رای)

: Mobarakeh Bibi Zeinab Khatoon is known as a graveyard in 50 km southeast of Birjand city in southern Khorasan and in the city of Surdishheh, in the area of green and pleasant weather.

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Since this Mobarakeh threshold is located in the highlands of Cahin, the summer resort area is very pleasant and comfortable with the cold and summer winter, and it has a beautiful green and sweet blue and gourmet atmosphere, which attracts pilgrims. And travelers from many different parts of the province and country have been to this area so that annually about 150 thousand pilgrims and eager to visit the family of Ahlul Bayt to visit this place overlooking the place.

  • Background information

    Based on the evidence of Lady Bibi Zeinab Khatun, the daughter of Imam Musa Kazem, who passed from the village of Cahin, farewell to Fani and buried over the hill.
    Ali bin Muhammad Yaseri writes in the history of Qehistan: "Another family member of the family of Sattar Ali and Mahdi Azmi, the son of the garden of Mortazavi, suffered from the sabbaths, passing through the village of Kahin from the luncheon, and due to the magnitude of the complication in it The place gave the world farewell.
    His confidants arranged for the equipping and excommunication, and buried him on a headed hull in a shell of soil and raised a hangman over his hunch.
    It is a tribute to this magnificent monument and was built and installed by the designation of Imam Reza in 1383
  • Specific information

    Due to the presence of gourmet and guesthouses in the courtyard of the graveyard and in the greenery of the village, the people who come to this area temporarily stay in the area and visit pilgrimage.
    The road connecting the mosque to Bibi Zeinab Khatun from the city center to the village of Kahin is paved.

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