Birjand Museum of Anthropology

(14 رای)

The Birjand Museum of Anthropology is located on the ground floor of the central mansion of the World Garden and Akbarieh Mansion, and is a cornerstone of livelihoods, occupations and professions in the southern part of Khorasan, which in the past was notoriously outdated and now outdated. Has been displayed. The objects of the Anthropology Museum of Birjand are about 100 years old.

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Different parts of the Museum of Anthropology of Birjand include the pavilion of weddings, agriculture, basket weaving, pottery, attari, shawl, handicrafts, forging, hakim bashi, hairdressing, spinning and weaving. It is in the form of mannequins Displayed.

  • Specific information

    The main purpose of the museum's formation, in addition to linking the younger generation with the traditions of the past, is to identify native-regional cultures and traditions and to recognize the economic, social, technical and cultural values of tools, objects and customs.

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