Birjand Wildlife Museum

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The Museum of Natural Sciences and History of Birjand, formerly located in Shakatabad Gardens and Mansions, is now being transferred to the Akbarieh Museum of the Grassland and the Museum of Wildlife. In this museum, species of wild or indigenous species are presented in the form of several collections.

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In the Birjand Wildlife Museum, typical and rare examples of animal cover in the southern Khorasan region, in particular Birjand, have also been featured.
The Birjand Wildlife Museum has about 100 species of birds and about 40 mammals and reptiles in the form of taxidermy. The aim of this study was to introduce researchers and researchers to the animal species of the region in two main areas.

  • Specific information

    The country has a variety of species of animals and wildlife due to its specific climatic and geographical location and various weather conditions. Due to having two types of dry and mountainous desert climate, Birjand has a variety of species, including birds, mammals, reptiles and ...
  • Outlook

    Bird Birds Museum of Birjand Wildlife: This collection includes birds of bird species, herons, pylons, pheasants, owls, eagles and scavengers, and examples of bacon, lake, houbara, lagoon, ragas and ... Be This section displays examples of the most rare and rare species of southern Khorasan birds.Mummies section of Birjand Wildlife Museum: This collection includes animals such as cat cats, forest cats, foxes, rabbits, rams, Kal (puppies) and many other species of species.
    A species of reptiles is also featured along with other species in the Birjand Wildlife Museum.

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