Birjand castle

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Historical castle of Birjand is located above a hill overlooking the city's urban texture. The castle of Birjand, also known as the fort and bottom of the castle, is considered to be the largest and oldest historical building in Birjand. The castle of Birjand has a four-sided design and has six blocks in the four corners and middle of the western and southern barracks.

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Birjand Castle, which is one of the tourist destinations of Birjand and South Khorasan Province, is located on the highest point of the western hill of Birjand. This castle with an area of 3000 square meters was built during the Safavid era and is in fact the core of the city of Birjand.
Of course, some also attribute the building of Birjand Castle to earlier periods. The castle of Birjand was built from clay and mud and from the Safavid period to Qajar people protected the city from invading enemies, especially Turkmens and Uzbeks.

  • Background information

    The exact date of the castle is not known, but due to the necessity of the existence of buildings to ensure the safety of the inhabitants, the date of construction of this building should coincide with the beginning of the city. The Birjand Quarter was completely rebuilt and used during the Qajar period. According to the available evidence, underground graves have been linked to the main points of the city such as the Baharestan Arg, Kolah-Farangi Arg and Qanat Qasbe.
    The castle in Birjand has 7 towers with six towers remaining. The restoration of this building was started by the Mayor of Birjand in 1999.
  • Specific information

    Birjand castle is built on towers of two floors on four sides with the main fence over these cylindrical towers.
    Stones created to be used to defend the castle and residents of the city and a safe place to shoot and hit the enemy, the wall of the form with its form also gives the thickness of the possibility of observation over the fence to the guard better.
    Birjand castle has two inlets, one of them on the north side and the other on the western side.
    The towers are made entirely of clay and are covered with mud molding. Unfortunately, the castle's interior architectural spaces have been completely destroyed and a large open space remains inside the building. According to oral narratives, the underground communication link houses the city's people to the castle to be used in emergency situations to shelter people in the castle.
  • More Info

    In past days in Birjand, there are two authentic castles and several large citadel and buildings that at the beginning of the fourteenth century there are works of the two castles, as well as a number of citadel and large buildings.
    The huge and old fortress down the city of Birjand is a military-type mountain castle. This castle was not a place of residence, but a place to carry out the task of guards, and the residents of the castle were guards whose duty was to provide news, security and protection.
    In the Birjand castle, water and food depots were kept in constant use to provide safe harbors in the event of enemy attacks or global assaults, townspeople, businessmen, caretakers, key people, commanders with their families and movable property through the enclosures. Brand.
    These entrances from the fortress to the nobility's home and government, as well as the center of the neighborhoods (including the neighborhood of Cedar) and several routes such as the Baharestan Arg, Kalaharangi Arg was included.

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