Briyany Azam - Branch 3

(69 رای)

Baryani Azam is one of the good Baranai of Isfahan, which has a long history of work. If you crossed to Isfahan, you should check and check the big bay.

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  • Hours of work : 11am to 23pm
  • Address : Isfahan, Kamal Ismail Street, next to the gas station

Azam is the third largest Branch of the one of the most famous Binh Bryani Branches in Isfahan. Baryani has a special place in the unique and traditional food of Isfahan among the people of this city and, of course, Iran and all foreign and domestic travelers from ancient times, as far as food is known to Isfahan. .

  • Background information

    Bryani Azam as the largest and most experienced center for this traditional dish in Isfahan since 1295 AH, with the help of the late Pahlavan Ali Akhavan, along with his father, Abdolkarim Akhavan, in the old town of Isfahan, the old town of Taleghani ) Started. About 70 years after the activity of this place was transferred to the gates of the government opposite the municipality - Al-Jahanazadeh.
    In 1995, after the placement of the Great Baranid in the green space project of the Isfahan municipality, it was decided to expand the center to two branches located on Chaharbagh Avenue and the other on Sayyid Mosque Street.
  • Specific information

    Frying Bryani in Esfahan's special baking syrup, the main point is the preparation of this dish, adding Isfahani spices and how to cook meat with a bowl and a special stove is one of the most important tips for making varieties that taste different in different places. And this is the same as Isfahani chef's cooking pot.
  • More Info

    Now Branch number 1 on Chaharbagh-e-Laye Street has a space for providing food for use outside of the Baryan area, but Branch number 2 located on Masjed Sayed street, next to Post Office and No. 3 located in Kamal Ismail Street has a very attractive family halls with all the facilities.

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