Caravanserai Shah Abbasi Iwanaki

(7 رای)

The building of this Caravanserai consists of stone and brick, with decorative bricks, as well as the shape of the caravanserai in terms of four-fronted architecture, and the caravanserai with a square-shaped plan, east-west, and its entrance from the eastern side of the building The caravanserai also has 24 cellars and 4 beds.

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The porches are widespread but low-lying, including the beauty of the building, the symmetry of the entire building, as well as the chambers round the courtyard and the exterior of the door are in a brick that has built special effects.

  • Outlook

    This inn has a very beautiful courtyard, as well as materials used in the construction of bricks, flowers, bricks and stones, and also has two houses on the eastern and western sides, one above the entrance and one above the front porch Input is embedded.
  • Must know

    The chambered chimneys are small porches built for use by travelers during the summer.
  • More Info

    The caravan of Shah Abbasi Yvanaki was the first home of the caravans traveling from Tehran to Khorasan.

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