Castle Da and Dokhtar

(45 رای)

Castle Da and Dokhtar in northern Ramhormoz are on the road belt and on the gypsum mountains at an altitude of about 600 meters. This castle is similar to the Roman castle around the Mediterranean Sea, according to archaeologists belonging to the Sassanid period.

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The structure of this castle is such that it can only be entered from one side, and from the other side of the enemy it could by no means take it because it is connected to three in a deep. The materials used in the construction of this castle consist of the native material of the region (its stone is from the Ala River and the rock is from the surrounding mines), and is used from stones and stucco, and in some parts of it Sarouch, which is a kind of cement, and for Construction of the dam was also used.

  • Background information

    Its predecessors called it "Da and Dur" fortune means "mother and daughter". Some scholars and ethnographers call the name Daoou and Dokhtar representing the extent of the influence and authority of women in the lambs of history, and another group believes that the term, the modified form of the term "Dadvar" means the judge, although these are not solid arguments.
  • Specific information

    This castle is listed on the National Heritage List by the registration number 3771 dated 13/12/1380, and it is safe to say that the area is beautifully unique in its kind. Another feature of this castle was that in the old days it protected the royal road, which was a road from Shush to Pasargadae.
  • Best time

    This castle has a lot of tourists, especially in winter and spring, in the vicinity of Ramhormoz city and the belt of Baghdak and Bangestan.

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