Castle of Qasr-e Ghand-e Sistan and Baloochestan

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Qasr Qandar Castle is located in the heart of Qasr-e Qandar on the east side of the mosque. It dates back to the Safavid period. The old castle has been the headquarters of rulers of the tribal elite.

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Qashqand castle in the city center of Qasr-khand is located in the city of Nikshahr and in the eastern part of the mosque of this city, which is surrounded by northwest - south-east and south by residential houses, and from the north and northeast directions to the limited plinth Gets This ancient castle was the headquarters of the rulers of the ruler.
The entrance to Qasr Qasr Qesh Qandar Sistan and Baluchestan on its southern side and the ruler is located in the east and above the other parts. Rooms on the western side of the castle were last used as a gendarmerie building, which has an area equal to 285 square meters. The building was built by rulers to govern the region and forced to leave the castle after the destruction of the local governments of the surviving rulers.

  • Background information

    According to the writings and books that were written about Makran, it can be said that the history of castle building dates back to the Safavid periods.
  • Specific information

    Castle of Qasr Sugar Sistan and Baluchestan on an artificial hill, its height is about 10 meters
    The approximate dimensions of the complex are 100 in 60 and the ruling range is 30 in 45 meters. The entrance of the castle is made on the western side of the castle. Qasr Qandar Qandar Sistan and Baluchestan Fortress was last used as a gendarmerie building.
  • More Info

    The historical castle of Qasr Qadr has been registered on the 11th of November, 81/72 with the registration number 7260 in the national list of national monuments.
    The Qasr-khand district of the city of Nikshahr with 40,000 inhabitants has more than 120 villages and villages and two villages of Sarabog and Helenchakan, located 65 km from the city.
    Qasr-khand has long been the barn of southern Baluchestan province and the cultivation of rice and clover is widespread and is one of the important hubs of agriculture and tourism in the city of Nikshahr.
    Qasr-khand has long been known as Ganjag and has become part of the country in 1318.

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