Castle of Stevenwald

(11 رای)

The main part of the castle is the eastern edge of the eastern hills of Hableh Rood, the boundary between the harbor rood and the station of Balkh is located on the west side of the main section and is located on the western mountains of the aforementioned river.

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This castle is built on top of the long blades and ruggedness of the southern slopes of the Alborz mountains, and the remains of the tower and fertility around it, the width of the Hableh Rud Valley, and the old path of the western bank of the river, as well as the tower of the fortress of this castle Over the entire length of the valley and the southern sides of the river, the land is dominated by the northern margin of the desert.

  • Background information

    : The fortress dates back to more than 3,800 years.
  • Specific information

    The steauwond stronghold is formed at the intersection of the valley of the valley that flows from the west to the valley of Hablehrood, and also with the remnants of the tower and the reproductive fate of their fortunes in all three parts of the land, the fortress's dominance and supervision Along the valleys and the paths that run along the plain, the West Bank and the west, it seems indisputable, as well as the impossibility of directly accessing the interior of each of the neighboring sections except for access through the passage The outer space and the special gates of each of the fortresses are features of this castle.
  • Outlook

    The main part of the castle located on the Huble River is composed of four parts: Eastern, Western, Central and Citadel.
  • More Info

    The type of building materials used in this castle is a rock and a kind of rubble, which is said to be obtained from a mixture of milk and other materials and has a lot of strength, since after all these years, it has remained stable, in terms of engineering and The design has been very interesting, despite the fact that this area is earthquake and there have been very strong earthquakes here but there is no serious effect of failure.

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