Charoimaq protected area

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Charoimaq protected area is part of the Charoimahq hunting area in Charivmaq city, East Azarbaijan province. This area with a vast vegetation and animal species is one of the most popular natural areas of friends and nature battalions with beautiful places from the mysterious spring to the village of the bath.

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Charoimagh Protected Area is considered as an important wildlife migration corridor at the local and national level and is located close to important natural areas such as the Anguran Protected Area and the Baghdad Hunting Area, as well as the Ghad and Echo Track The Armenian variety and variety of bird fauna, especially the types of birds of prey, are managed as prohibited hunting grounds.
The height from 1200 meters in the northeast is up to 3100 meters in the southern heights of the southern and southern parts of Ja'farabad.

  • Background information

    Charoimaq protected area has been promoted to the Protected Area since 2006 as a protected area, and then approved by Resolution No. 368 of the Supreme Environmental Council (Government Infrastructure Commission) dated 16.1 1391 with a total area of 73927 hectares.
    - Mammals: Includes wild ram, black ears, hyenas, Roodak, Tši, Mussu, Hedgehog, Rhubarb, hog, wolf, fox, rabbit, ground squirrel, Mediterranean horseshoe bat and various types of rodents.
    - Birds: Among the most important species of wild ostriches of the region, the Shahin Sanan and the Gonshahan tribes include the Golden Eagle, Karkas, Sargopa, Sangarandam Zar and Shahinian Dalij Lake, Lil, Bahri and Lachin, and have a Dwarf Pook including Québec, Chil , Eyebrows and quails, and other orders, mostly wild and wild birds, including gray and purple hawks, Haji Lak Lak, Cenggar, Pascary and Sacrifice, Little Redfish and Swallows.
    - There are also a number of reptile and amphibian species in the region.
  • Outlook

    The dominant species of rangeland, grass and artemisia and associated species include mountain ranges, cow's tongue, yellow onion, foxtail, thyme and horseradish horseradish. In this area, three species are listed in the list of susceptible species at risk of threat. . In the hill and plain lands of the region, dominant rangeland species include Artemisia, Rye, Wild oats, Grass, Quercus, Cannabis, Puneh, Tarez Tizak, Kakotti, Kheshir, Sparrow, Alaska, Carnation, Yarrow, Chamomile, Bulak Uti, Shatera , Spandex, foxtail and oats.
    In general, the most important herbs of the region are poppy, grass, mountainous, cow, yellow onion, alfalfa, fescue, sheep, thyme, honey beer, wild oats, wheat grass, Pune, cacti, saffron, cloves, Yarrow, Chamomile, Black Tume, Barberry, Garameh, Wild Spices, Nastaran, Ozgill and Willow.
  • Best time

    The spring season is a bit of a time to visit the Charymahq protected area.
  • Recommendation

    Visit the village of the bath and use the hot springs of this village.
  • More Info

    Charaymahq Protected Area is located south of East Azarbaijan province in the city of Charwemahq and between the Ayudugmoush River in the north and the political border of Zanjan province in the south. Charoimaq protected area is one of Turanian Iranian phytogeographic divisions, and the plants of this region are identified in 62 species and 101 species. The vegetation of the region is pasture and common species of pasture and crops in the region and border between East and West Azarbaijan, as well as Zanjan.

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