Chehel-Sotoun mosques of Kerman

(46 رای)

Chehel-Soton Mosque of Kerman is one of the famous memoirs of Haj Agha Ali Zaimullah, a famous merchant of the Qajar era, who left him with a bazaar, caravanserai, water storage, and Chehel-Soton mosque on Shariati avenue of Kerman.

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According to the author of the geography of Kerman (p. 169) (a man who did not have the property for thirty years ago, now, of course, he has exceeded ten thousand tomans of his rural intervention)
He built this mosque in the style of the Chehel-Soton mosque in Shiraz, and at that time spent more than one hundred thousand tomans. Sheikh Yahya Ahadi, the commander of Kerman, quoted Al-Sadour as saying that Hajj Agha Ali was to spend this money. Mosque

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