Cheshme Ali mansion

(13 رای)

Cheshmeh Ali is one of the promenades of Damghan, with a cool climate and eye-catching scenery; its main name is Ali Bilagh's historian. This mansion is located in the northwest of Damghan, along the Damghan road of Kaiser Sari, 32 km from Damghan.

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This spring, which is supplied by the city of Damghan, is one of the most remarkable areas of Damghan, which has been the promenade of the rulers and kings since ancient times, as well as the historical monument of Cheshmeh Ali Damghan was listed in the National Iranian Book List in 1348.

  • Specific information

    Fountain of Ali has two lakes, one in the north and the other in the south of Fath Ali Shah mansion, and also a large part of the water of the spring is coming out of the northern lake, as well as the monuments in the garden including a mansion with a brick wall and the other living room Qajar kings enclosed in two floors (brick) with excellent views of the lake and surrounding gardens.

  • Outlook

    The building of the Cheshme Ali complex, built by Fath Ali Shah Qajar, is located on the northern side and inside the lake, as well as a distance of nearly 500 meters from the hills, is a two-story building with a verandah enclosed in the water, as well as a floor The upper and lower sides are open on both sides and everyone in it sits on both sides of the lake.
  • Recommendation

    This garden includes a mosque and a bathroom (the western front of the lake and close to Fath Ali Shahi mansion), a garden, a swimming pool, a couch for Fath Ali Shahi and more.
  • More Info

    This mansion is located on a rocky base inside a natural lake, which is related to the Qajar Fath Ali Shah period, and also there are many springs around the lake that drains them from the water and this springs water the city of Damghan And also according to historical evidence in the past, because of the existence of several ducts of water in this garden, they would call it the perfect bolagh or a thousand birds. That spring was always due to the very strong groundwater pressure even in the drought seasons. .

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