Cheshmeh Molid Tower in Birjand

(40 رای)

Cheshmeh Molid Tower in Birjand is one of the historical towers of the Southern Khorasan Province dating back to the Safavid period and has been registered in the national monuments list.

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  • Address : Birjand, Cheshmeh Molid village.

Cheshmeh Molid Tower in Birjand, is registered on March 19, 2001 with the registration number 4793 as one of the national works of Iran.

  • Specific information

    Molid is a village located in al-Maghourat village in the suburbs of Birjand, 36 kilometers north of Birjand. It is mountainous and temperate and has 449 inhabitants. Agricultural water is provided from the qanats. The main products of the village are cereals and the villagers are engaged in farming. Growing and weaving the carpet and its way Malro is from the village crafts. Fountain of Abolqasem and Cheshmeh Mohammadbik are among these.

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