Church of Sourt Garap

(43 رای)

The Armenian Church of the Holy Carpathians is one of the national attractions and attractions of Abadan, which always hosts a large number of tourists and tourists. It is under the supervision of the Caliphate Council of the Armenians of the South and Isfahan. The number 8352 was registered on May 9, 2003 in the national list of Iran.

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The Sourt Garap Church (Armenian Church of Abadan) was damaged during the war but was restored by the Headquarters for the reconstruction of the war zones. At present there is no ceremony in Abadan due to the small number of Christians in Abadan, but it remains in the vicinity of the Abadan school of thought.

  • Background information

    The Abadan Suort Garap Church was built in 1319.
  • Specific information

    Armenian Church of Gregory Abadan is the largest Armenian community forum in Abadan.
  • More Info

    The Church of Sardarapa (Armenian Church) is not the first Armenian church of Abadan in the present era, but there were two other churches before the construction of this church in Abadan: the Church of Christopher, in the region of Braim Abadan (1928 AD) 1306 Hijri Shamsi) was built and belonged to the Protestant Christians of Abadan, and the other Abadan Church, founded in 1951 (1329 AD), was an Assyrian church that was located near the Alfi Square and used by Assyrian Christians of Abadan , Which today no longer has any effect on the two old churches.

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