Citadel Baharestan Birjand

(10 رای)

Citadel Baharestan Birjand is one of the historic mansions of Birjand, which is, of course, not a pleasant day. The construction of the Baharestan organ dates back to the time of Amir Alam Khan, the son of Amir Alam Khan. One of the important historical events can be the refugee of Lotf Ali Khan Zand and his companions to the organ.

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  • Address : Birjand - Montazeri St. 3 - Old Post Alley.

The main building of the Baharestan of Birjand is an octagon, the first floor consists of separate rooms and chambers, specially for soldiers and government agents, and the second floor consists of a circular central corridor with corridors from which it is branched out. On this floor there are special places for burning torches, as well as cobblestones, overlooking all parts of the citadel.

  • Specific information

    The main part of the couch is dedicated to the Shah's area, which is decorated with adornment and mirrored work. In addition to its special form of architecture, Shahstani's room has been overlooking the nearby fields and anemones and the garden of Baharestan. Central hollow is the last floor built in a building that is a polygonal form with various skylights.
    The main tower of the building of the Baharestan Birjand Citadel has been decorated with a brick-like brickwork in China. This brickwork is a feature of the Zandian period. Other elements of the architecture of the citadel, the fence and its towers are that part of the wall is attached to the building of the palace and is used in the wall behind the bunks to strengthen the foundation of the fence.

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