Damghan hesar hill

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Dameghan hesar  Hesar hill is located south of Damghan city in Semnan Province. Also, the civilization dates back to the history of this hill from the 4th millennium BC to the first millennium BC and also in the hills of the three distinct floors of the prehistoric period

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The ancient ambit of Hesar Hill is located south of the city of Damghan and in the province of Semnan, as well as the civilization dating from this ancient hill dates back to the fourth millennium BC to the first millennium BC.

  • Specific information

    In the exploration of the Damghan Hesar hill, in 1310 and 1311, three periods of deployment were revealed, as well as the works and survivals of various cultures from prehistoric times to the Islamic era, where people living in the hill of the fence based on the seals Static (flat) and cylindrical (cylindrical) that obtained from this place have been marked with a line or a kind of prehistoric period
  • Outlook

    There is a strip in the area that is the same as the Abresham Road, and the hill is also formed in the same strip, and the location of the hesar hill in this particular highway can be due to trade from the East to the West or the existence of different mines in this area, and to the geographical location Damghan and Shahrud for the settlements before digging began, the people removed the ancient objects of the site

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