Darbandsar Ski Resort

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Darbandsar ski resort is one of the newest ski resorts in the country which is run by a private company. It is located 60 km to the north east of Tehran. The altitude is from 2650 - 3150 meter high.

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  • Darbandsar Ski Resort
  • Darbandsar Ski Resort
  • Darbandsar Ski Resort
  • Darbandsar Ski Resort
Darbandsar Ski Resort Darbandsar Ski Resort Darbandsar Ski Resort Darbandsar Ski Resort مشاهده گالری

The Darbandsar Ski Resort is located on the north face of Mt. Kashoolak (3650m). The base elevation is 2620m and the top elevation is 3150m. There are 2 chairlifts and 3 drag lifts in this resort. This is the second most challenging resort in the region after the one in Shemshak. Like Shemshak there are some nice areas for off-piste skiing. It is also possible to ski from Dizin ski resort to Darbandsar.

  • Background information

    Opened in 1982, Darbandsar Resort is a private resort located approximately 50 kilometers North of Tehran
  • Specific information

    ideally situated at the center or Iran’s major skiing community. Darbandsar ski resort is one of the 7 ski resorts around Tehran.
    This ski resort is less crowded than other and offers variety of skiing activities and winter sports such as mountain climbing, ice climbing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, off-piste skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc. Besides, there is a professional ski school to learn skiing.
  • Outlook

    When you are on the top, the view is spectacular. Mt Koloonbastak (4160m) and Mt. Sarakchal (4220m) and the ridge in between look majestic. The whole area is a heaven for extreme skiers.
  • Best time

    The ski season runs from early December until late April
  • Must know

    open to public on weekdays in winter
  • Facilities

    Hiking, trekking, mountaineering, winter sport climbing, ice climbing, skiing, scrambling, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, off-piste skiing, rock, mountain bicycle, ski mountaineering.
  • More Info

    There is good potential for exploring the bare slopes above and around the ski area at Darbandsar . Darbandsar offers some good slopes for off-piste skiing and snowboarding, the region is best for extreme skiers, a good place for acclimatization and practice before trying ski mountaineering on Mt Damavand Iran. The resort is in th Rundbar e Ghasran tourist zone which includes some majestic tourist zone such as Maygoon, Zagoon, Shemshak, Darbandsar, Fasham, Oushan.
  • By Car travel by road to the Darbandsar Village. Only accessible by road and can be reached by coach or car. The journey time is about 60 to 90 minutes drive from Tehran, about 60 Km. After a heavy snowfall, snow chains are often necessary for the last part of the journey. There is no railway station in the area, the closest railway station is at Tehran.

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