Dehdasht's comprehensive mosque

(41 رای)

Dehdasht's mosque is located in the east of Dehdasht's historical context and a short distance from Imam Zadeh (as). Based on the works of the city of Islamic and Safavid period, Dehdasht is built on two floors. Dehdasht's mosque includes Shabestan, Central courtyard, Shrine and small rooms.


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Dehdasht's mosque is one of the works of the Islamic and Safavid era of Dehdasht, which consists of the courtyard, navement and section of the wisdom.

  • Specific information

    The Dehdasht comprehensive mosque has two entrances, one common entrance on the east side for the public prayers, and the other is a small entrance on the southwest side of the mosque that is open to the nave, and possibly for the mosque's imam congregation.
    Both entrances are made of stairs with large stones. The nave has 14 rows of large pillars that have tolerated the weight of the second floor.
    The two entrance steps in the south and north of the mosque-the beginning of Shabestan-established the connection of the nave with the first floor of the mosque, which was probably dedicated to women.
    The altar has been worked with stones and plaster, and for the time being there is no special decoration that may have been damaged. On both sides of the north and south of the yard, there are traces of pillars that could have been drawn from the sides of these two sides.
  • More Info

    The building was fully excavated in 1998 and emergency repairs were carried out in the years 80-79. The Murek mosque is located on the southwest of Dehdasht's historical monument, 150 meters south of the Caravanserai.