Dehdasht Caravanserai

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The Dehdasht Historical Context is one of the historical monuments of the province of Kohkiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, located on the western side of Dehdasht's historical texture and next to the Caravanserai's Imam Zadeh Ibrahim and Imam Zadeh Jaber's caravanserai complex.

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: Dehdasht Caravanserai building is one of the works of the city of Safavid Islamic period, which is made with two entrances to the north and south. The Caravanserai historical site of Dehdasht, which is owned by the Cultural Heritage Organization, has been nationally registered in the year 2000 with the number 3551 in the list of historical monuments.

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    : Dehdasht's Caravanserai includes a courtyard and chamberlings on its four sides. The number of these cellars is 38, and some of them have one another. It was built with stone and plaster, which was made from mines around the city. The floor of the yard is paved with large stone lizards and the level of the courtyard is a little lower than the floor of the cellar. In the courtyard there is a water well to provide the water needed by the caravans. Chambers are covered with vaulted vaults and all have a small porch in front of them. Inside the porches there are niches for laying objects and chimneys. A spiral staircase on the north side facilitated the connection of the courtyard with the roof.
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    Dehdasht's caravansary which was completely destroyed and discovered in 1369 with the liberation of the Dehdasht district in the basement section at a depth of two meters, and excavation and debris operations began. During excavation, all parts of the building were identified. Then, in 79 and 78 years, repairs were carried out including the pavilion of the courtyard, the roofing brickwork, the repair of the carriers of the cellars. The inn is 1600 square meters.

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