Derakhsh Darmian castle

(13 رای)

Derakhsh Darmian castle is built with a four-sided map and the main entrance is located on the southern side. It has six circular towers on the southern, western and northern sides. The entrance is on the southern side, and then there is an octagonal space with a dome covering of the sweatshirt type.

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Derakhsh Darmian castle is in the middle between two courtyards. The vestibule is surrounded by a corridor to the first courtyard, where the main castles are formed around the courtyard. Including two three-door rooms located on the eastern and western sides of the courtyard. The decorations in these rooms should feature fireplaces and vaults.

  • Specific information

    Around the first courtyard is a vault with crescent and crescent arches. To cover the shantytown castles, a décor of Archean, Flat and Celtic is used. This building has a defensive and residential area and has been the place of the rulers of this region. In the courtyard there were two rooms in the northwest corner that led to the space of the tower. According to the law, any interference with this work and its privacy is prohibited without the written permission of the Cultural Heritage Bureau.

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