Dizmar Protected Area

(54 رای)

Dizmar Protected Area is a mountainous and forest area that is located in the province of Khodafarin, Varzaghan and Jolfa in the north of East Azarbaijan province.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Dizmar Protected Area.

Dizmar protected area with an area of 68,400 hectares and a maximum height of 2600 meters in the Andol Mountains located south of the range and the minimum altitude of 400 meters in the northeast (Aras river).

  • Background information

    The region of Dismayr has been integrated into the protected areas since 1390/13/13 as a protected area.
  • Specific information

    In the protected area of Dizmar, 849 plant species were identified, 76 of which were endemic (native) and due to the diversity of land types (mountainous, foothill and hill) and water habitat (Aras and other rivers) and land, as well as the situation Vegetation has caused diversity and richness in the region.
    The species of wildlife in the protected area of Dizmar has about 320 species, despite its unique species such as black cock and shuka. Other animals in the region include whole and wild goats, boars, brown bears, black horns, wild cats, forest cats, leopards, foxes, jackals and wolves, and Caucasian, Quebec, Quercus deer, dwarves and pheasants of Arasbaran.
  • Outlook

    the Kharvana section, the north and west of the central part of Varzaghan city, the Siahrood section in the city of Jolfa and the eastern Dizmar district, located in the Manganah section of the city of Khoda Afrin, forms the protected area of Dizmar.
    This protected area is neighboring Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia. But the part of the Kishamaki protected area of Dizmár is neighboring with the Republic of Macedonia's Nakhchivan.

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