Doojagh bridge

(42 رای)

Doojagh bridge is located in the famous Doojagh cemetery, between Arbab Kandi and Gandishman village of Ardabil.

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  • Address : Ardebil - Meshkin Shahr - Old Meshkin shahr Road to Ardabil

The bridges dimensions are 21 × 8 × 6/20 meters and has a span with a pointed spike with a brickwork and stone facade.

  • Background information

    The history of this historic bridge dates back to the second Pahlavi era. The bridge was built on an older bridge and built in 1317 AH, the date of its construction can be seen on an inscription in the bridge
  • Specific information

    This bridge has lost its use due to a change of its route and is only used by ranchers and farmers
  • Outlook

    Doojagh bridge has one of the opening and has a rock facade. The bridge is decorated with a brick and stone in a roman style that in addition to I being decoration, also plays a structural role.

  • Must know

    This bridge is located on the Gharasou river (west side of the river).

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