Ebrahim Abad Bridge

(40 رای)

Ibrahim Abad Bridge was built at the beginning of Ibrahim Abad Alley on the Balkhlu River in Ardabil city.

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  • Address : Ardabil - Ochidakan and Ibrahim Abad neighborhoods

It seems that the bridge of Ebrahim Abad is one of the bridges that Pithodollah has mentioned in his diary about his travels. Ebrahim Abad bridge has 3 spillars, two of which have been rebuilt in recent years.

  • Background information

    Ebrahim Abad bridge is related to the Safavid period
  • Specific information

    This bridge was registered on October 7, 2002 with the registration number of 6235 as one of the national heritages of Iran.
  • Outlook

    Adam Oliarious writes that the Balkhlu River in the city of Ardabil is plugged in and passed through the city.

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