Etemadinia's House (Birjand Museum of Anthropology)

(13 رای)

The historic building of Etemadinia House in the center of Birjand's historic texture is a solid foundation for the architectural features of the warm and dry regions of Iran, whose architectural and design spaces are fully characterized by climatic and social and religious conditions. People are in harmony.

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Entrance to the home of Birmutan is possible in two ways: the main entrance is at the front of the west and the entrance to the east of the building. After the entrance, the vestibule restricts the stopping space and then the corridor, which encloses a direct view of the courtyard, and then the big yard is located.
The courtyard is surrounded by various spaces and the courtyard is decorated with bricks.

  • Background information

    Construction of the House of Trust is the second half of the Qajar period.
  • Specific information

    On the western side of the house there is a 2-story building in Birjand, where access to the floor is possible from the inside of the courtyard, and is used from the top as a ceremonial space for special guests.
    One of the most interesting features that exists in the building of the historical house of trust is the observance of the principle of confidentiality, and this house, like many historical houses of Iran, was constructed in such a way that, in spite of its staircase, it is not visible to neighboring houses, and Neighbor houses are notorious for its space.
    The decorations of the House of Trust of Birjand are most of the Pahlavi brickwork seen in the entrance courtyard and the central courtyard. The clay arches are inside the porch and inside the hallway.
    The difference in height of the alley and slope has made the interesting place for this house, so that the north and south front of the building is two-story, but the northern front is seen from the inside of the courtyard as a floor and from the alley to two floors Gets.
  • Must know

    The historical house of Etemadinia has now become the Museum of Anthropology, with the assistance of Mr. Sadeghi. Most of the works of this museum have been collected by Mr. Sadeghi.
  • More Info

    Birmingham House of Etemadinia has been registered in the National Heritage List in 2001 with the number 4665 by the Office of the Heritage of Cultural Heritage.