Forg Darmian Castle

(33 رای)

Forg Darmian castle is one of the historical castles of southern Khorasan province, which is located in the village of Fugg. Fort Forg is located 90 km east of Birjand and 10 km from Asadiyeh city. The fortress of Forg Darmian Castle was built at the time of Nader Shah by the governor of Mirza Baqa Khan.

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  • Address : Darmian City - Central District - Darmian Village - Forg Village.

The main gate of the Forg Darmian Castle on the east side and a smaller gate on its northern side. The king is at the highest point and has spaces such as stables, water storage, two-story rooms and a mosque.

  • Specific information

    The materials used in the Forg Darmian Castle formation are among stone, brick, clay, gypsum, lime and sandy. The interior of the castle is composed of various parts such as the residence of the crew, the stables, ammunition depots and so on, surrounded by fortresses and circular towers. The top of the fence and towers is congress and there is a portice to watch and defend it.

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