Ganbad Ghazan Khan

(10 رای)

The dome and building known as the Ghazan Khan dome means the tomb, and also the buildings of Ghazan Khan (dated 703) in Bastam, which is located in the courtyard. This monument has a dome and architectural style of the tower of the tower Shape.

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The Ghazan Khan dome is planted on a 7.5-meter side, in the northern and eastern views of a number of arches, which, by creating a shadow of light, has made the building a dull monotony.

  • Specific information

    Iqbal Yaghami believe that Ghazan Khan built this dome as the tomb of Bayezid and intended to transfer Sheikh's body to it, but due to the fact that Bayazid did not sleep or opposed some of the jurists, he refused to change the place of the shrine, with a weak probability There was such a goal, because if it were, then from the same time they would have been able to build a vanguard on the tomb, unless the reason for not building it on the tomb was due to the instability of the two domes.
  • Outlook

    On top of the building, there is a beautiful and interesting cone-shaped dome that is covered with turquoise tiles and there is a chest of drawers under the dome that runs from the courtyard.

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