Ganj gah talab

(45 رای)

Laghandeh Lagoon is a wetland in 80 km southeast of Ardebil, which is considered to be green, chinchar, and waterfowl, including birds.

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The wetland welcomes the populations of aquatic migratory birds and abandoned aquatic species such as mackerel ducks and mercurial ducks, Pelicans, swans, flamingos, wetlands eagles and other birds such as geese, bird species, anthrax and others. Other than the birds in the Thalabic type of ordinary green toad and a type of frog, as well as carp in the wetland live.

  • Background information

    The lagoon provides water from the glacial altitudes in the west of the lagoon and is a permanent wetland.
  • Outlook

    This wetland is located in the area of 0.14 square kilometers and 3 kilometers north of the village of Gandjakh.
  • Must know

    The lagoon is in a geographical position with a length of 481600 and a width of 374350

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