Gargar waterfall

(48 رای)

Gurgur Sabalan waterfall is about 12 meters high and 200 square meters is located on the northern slopes of Mount Sabalan.

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  • Address : Ardebil - Sarein km 20 Sarein road to Alavares not reachable to Alvars ski resort

This waterfall is located in one of the most beautiful natural spots of the province, namely Mount Sabalan.

  • Specific information

    Along with other beautiful natural elements such as permanent glaciers, hot springs and numerous mineral water, it has created a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere for nature enthusiasts.
  • Outlook

    A very watery spring that goes out of the trough of high altitude rock, turns into a waterfall and river and creates a beautiful and stunning view.
  • More Info

    Part of the spring water is also transported by piping to the famous Watada mineral water company, which is located about 10 km from the fountain.
  • Pros

    The weather is pleasant and pleasant, and many peaks and beautiful peaks with vegetation cover every year attract thousands of Sabalan nature climbers and enthusiasts.

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