Gol Akhir Waterfall (Gol Akhir Waterfall) Varzaghan

(41 رای)

Gol Akhoor Waterfall (Gol Akhir Waterfall) Varzaghan is one of the attractions of the East Azarbaijan Province located near the village of Golakhoor.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - Varzaghan City - Arsil Village - Kharvana Section - Gol Akhour Village.

Gol Akhoor Waterfall is located on the western slopes of Kasbah Mountain and among the Arasbaran forests. The word "Golakhoor" in the Azerbaijani Turkish language means "Gloriz".

  • Outlook

    Gol Akhour waterfall (Gol Akhir waterfall) Varzaghan is very beautiful and cool and comes from three bright and cool springs in the mountainous mountains and highlands of the village. Gol Akhour Waterfall (Gol Akhir Falls) Varzaghan flows down the river and after passing through the village it finally turns into a beautiful waterfall, the height of the cascade is about 10 meters, and then, after passing through the beautiful valley and head Green and tall and passing from the village of Arzil with the river Tarzam are joining together and make a large river and flowing towards the village of Hajilar and the dwarf bayonet.
  • Must know

    This village is located in the direction of Varzgan-Kharvan in an area called the three-way Mamed-Agha. In this three way, after wrapping a subway road and within about five kilometers of it, it arrives in the village of Arzil and from Arzil to the waterfall itself should be a Kilometers along the road; the Andrian Gold mine is also located in this area.

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