Gonbad Moshtagiyeh Kerman

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The beautiful domes of the Aspaghayeh construction form the foliage of the foliage of the surrounding trees. Three domes are beautifully interconnected. Here is the mausoleum of three of Kerman's elders: "Mushtaq Ali Shah", "Kowsar alishah" and "Sheikh Ismail", each Three of the elders of science and knowledge.

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From the Mashhtaghia Square of Kerman to the 17th Shahrivar Square that you can see in front of the Kerman's grocery market, which is not an example, it is a building that is considered to be a kind of city-street figure, a tomb of prosperity, also called "three domes", in each The point of the tomb's back yard is that one of these beautiful domes, such as the witches and shang kids, disappears from the vanity of the game.
Although this place was initially Mazar-i-Riz Hussein Khan, the great-great-grandfather of Sadat, known as Mirhosseini, but his reputation is more due to the burial of the enthusiastic Ali-Shah of the SufThis mausoleum is located in the east of the mosque of Kerman, with its three domes erected over the grave of Mishtaq Ali Shah, Sheikh Isma'il, and Koshar Alishah.

  • Specific information

    The construction of this building and its main dome dates back to the late Sufiya and early Qajar period and has been repaired for many periods.
    The tombstones of the domes are not the main tile and it was carried out about 27 years ago, and underneath this building has crossed two aqueducts, which caused earthquakes and damage to the building during different periods.
  • Outlook

    : Two domes of this building are tiled and one of the domes is also a brick that has been in the same shape since the Qajar era. The enthusiastic tomb of Ali Shah is located on the northern side of the building, with its intriguing interior decorations and a beautiful courtyard with beautiful countryside and countless trees as if they were buried in peace with those alluring triumphs. The district of Kerman has been reigned.
    Below this dome, the dwarf remains a very interesting and exquisite one. The ceiling tiles of the two dashboards are probably built in the last century, but the tile and interior decorations that are considered to be valuable works of art are related to the same period of the Qajar period.
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    Dr. Ebrahim Bastani Parizi, in his seven-stone mill, writes: "There is a famous mistake that it is that Sufism will lead to astrakhany and the reader's departure to leave the world and the advent of the material world and attention to sloth and stigmatization. "
    He writes about enthusiastic writers: "His opponents in the city who saw Mishtaq Ali Shah's market were thinking about his destruction, and the weak point he was playing was." It is narrated that at noon on the 21st of Ramadan in 1206 AH, Mishtaq Ali Shah entered the mosque Comes to Kerman to make his own claim. The son of Mulla Abdullah, a cleric of the city, falsely cries out among the crowd, who sends the bullshit of stinging and the people attack him and take him outside the mosque. Stoned to death in a place known as the "Salesman" along with his dear Darwish Jaffar. " And so his life ends.
    They say that Mushtaq Ali Shah has read the Qur'an with three verses, and Jalal al-Ahmad wrote in his postcard after attending the Mausoleum of Moshtaghia: "If the fourth wire of the three-tern called the" eager "wire, it is initiated by this dumb crew here" anyway Apparently, after many years of Mahjori, this historic and famous monument in Kerman, and its disregard for it, the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Kerman decided to restoration of this building, which is under the auspices and charity administration of this province.
  • Source

    1- The face of Iran, Tourism Guide of the Provinces of Iran, Geographical Institute and Cartography of Githesheny, Autumn 2013.

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