Hajiabad Citadel in Birjand

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Haji Abad Citadel buildings are built by Amir Ebrahim Alam dubbed "Shaukat al-Molk". In the past, a water pool has been located between the citadel and the entrance. The building of the citadel was also the place for short-term summer residence of the ruler of Qehistan, Shaukat al-Mulk, of science.

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The Hajiabad Citadel in Birjand has four towers used to guard it. It also has four gardens called large gardens, seedlings, underneath gardens and ornamental gardens, which enclose the citadel in Were interrupted. Gradually, with the flow of Shakat Abad Qanat Haji Abad, the dry gardens and the gardens of this site were destroyed and the place of the vacated village of Stargar Hajibad was made up of two independent monuments used as summer residences.

  • Background information

    The date of the construction of the Hajibad Citadel in Birjand reaches the middle of the Qajar period.
  • Specific information

    The main building of the Hajibad Citadel of Birjand, which has a larger structure than the other two sections, is a floor and first floor structure consisting of several corridors, ceramic chambers and reception rooms and living rooms. It has a rectangular plan, with two large sides of 33 meters and two smaller sides of 18 meters. All rooms are quadrilateral. The second building, located 30 meters from the northwest front of the main building, is specially designed for the crew, guards, minions and maintenance of the four ends. On the first floor, there are beautiful tiled decorations that surround the Tadors of the northern and southern chambers (trains), which at the moment only a small part of it remains, and the rest of the decorations with the destruction of the ceilings due to atmospheric precipitation, wind and rain, and Human destruction has completely disappeared. In these rooms, plain geometric rovings are engraved very simply.

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