Haremsara gasr

(11 رای)

This palace is located one kilometer south-east of Shah Abbasi Palace, apparently at the time of the royal family, the harem, and at other times the royal hunters residence.

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This is based on the porches, halls, harem and numerous rooms. In the southwest half of the harem, there is a large hall and in the north there is a two-verandah hall, and in the north of the porches there are two rooms, which did not exist first, but later added to the building, and the halls in the north side were completely destroyed. And it seems that a severe earthquake has caused them to be destroyed.

  • Specific information

    Drinking water from the fountains located on the Black Sea ridge was reached by a canal and then passed through a valley to a pond outside the southern side of the harem. After filling it through another, it was transferred to the pond inside the harem.

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