Hashtrood wetland

(35 رای)

Bezoojegh wetland is one of the most beautiful places in East Azarbaijan Province, which is considered as one of the 4 valuable and rich havens in the Hashtrodh. The cavewagh wetland is located 40 km west of the city between the villages of Bezoojegh and Ganj-Abad in a natural fortress.

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  • Address : East Azarbaijan Province - North Maragheh - Mount Sahand.

The Bezoojegh wetland is circular, about 10 hectares wide, with a depth of 5 meters in some places. Unlike the wetland and Yaniq wetlands, the water of the wetland is briskly and is mainly due to the drinking of livestock from the surrounding villages.

  • Specific information

    Sahand bulk is called the bride of the mountains of Iran. The existence of plains filled with flowers and grasslands and streams in the seasons of the year confirms this claim.
  • Best time

    Large plains around Sahand embrace heavy snow cover in winter, and climbers face long snow problems to reach either of the two western or eastern edges that are suitable for climbing. The best time to climb to May and May is.
  • More Info

    Due to the unavailability of the wetland through public roads and having a high distance from the ischrood, its vulnerability to hunters is lower, although there are cases where the predators are abusive. Between 1996 and 1998, wetlands, cows and yaghagh wetlands were favorable in terms of water content and cover. During this time, the ducks' dowry, as a rare and protected species for summer and chicks, is settled in the marshland of the marshes of the year, especially in winter and summer. In 1999, due to the severe drought and precipitation decline, the water level of the three heathroads was significantly reduced, and even the wetland was completely dried up.
    This situation led to the biodiversity crisis in the wetlands, as the ducks in this year before chicken and in the early summer left the wetlands.
    In April 2000, there were 23 daisies consisting of 15 male and 8 female pieces in the wetland wetland wetland and one male duck in the natural forest of Bacauqagh. However, the presence of this number of ducks in these wetlands was due to a lack of water and lack of The proper cover of Nizraz in the dam of Molajeq was not late and they left the area after several days and probably migrated to Qorri Gol wetland.
    Sahand Peak 3600 meters: Sahand bulk with a height of 3600 meters is located south of Tabriz city and north of Maragheh; the large Lake Urmia covers the western part of the complex.

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