Historic House of Golchin Dezful

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The historic home of Golchin is one of the most valuable national treasures and treasures of brickwork in the historical context of Dezful, which has been forgotten due to neglect of the custodians.

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In the city center of Dezful, the home of the Golchin with its beautiful and original architecture is considered one of the historical monuments, which, despite being registered in the list of national works of Iran in 14719, but so far no proper operation has been done and its restoration It has been abandoned for many years.

  • Background information

    The early dating of the building, due to the kind of symmetries in the plan and the facade and the brick ornaments surrounding the courtyard, which are considered to be the architectural beauty of this monument, reach over 100 years and to the Qajar period, which, until the early period of the Pahlavi period, Has been.
  • Specific information

    The Golchin Historic House is positioned in the historic center of the mosque in the city center and in the western Taleghani street of Firooze Alley. This house is one of the most beautiful houses of the historical and valuable texture of Dezful, in terms of its unique architectural features.
  • Outlook

    The old house of the Gothic is a small courtyard in the center of the house along with beautiful Chinese paintings, "The paintings created with the undisputed creativity of the crafty traditional architects of Dezful have created an unimaginable beauty to this historic place.
  • More Info

    The House of Anthony has been used in the past as a residential property, part of which has been used as a garden or workshop, and is currently owned by the Cultural Heritage Department of the city.
  • Pros

    The particular location of the home of the anthology is among a large collection of monuments of Dezfuol, such as Shahrokod-e-Din's collection, the bath, the mosque, the school and the monument of Shahro-ke-din, the old market of Dezfuol and the mosque of the city, the proximity to the main arteries such as the street The Imam and the Taleghani Street, which lead to the Dead River, have provided a great opportunity to turn the complex into an important tourist hub.
    Among other exceptions, it is possible to note the adjacent neighborhood of this house with the historic residence of Nilsaz, which together create a unique historical complex and the ability to invest in a welfare suite of traditional recreation.

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