Historical Center of Meymand

(38 رای)

The Meymand Rocky Village is one of the most ancient human settlements in the world that has survived and survived twelve thousand years ago. The historic village of Meymand with its houses in Del Kooh has been recorded as one of the ancient works of Iran on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is of great importance in this regard.

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The historic village of Meymand is a mountain village in the heart of the mountain, as seen in the rocky village of Kandovan. The reef village of Meymand, numbered 4135, has been registered on the national list of titles, and has been recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage List for years as an ancient Iranian art.
The historic village of Meymand is one of the few architectural forms of the rock that has been widely used in the entire structure of the village. Although rocky architectural specimens can be found in other countries, none of them are cultural, historical or tourist attractions.

  • Background information

    There is a different talk about the history of the Meymand Historic Village, some have cited archaeological commentary 20 years ago, because they are said to have attributed the stone motifs in the region to 12,000 years ago, Estimates date the village 12,000 years ago. But what can be definitely said about this is the presence of pottery from the fortress of Meymand and investigated by the Cultural Heritage Research Directorate, two to three thousand years ago.
  • Outlook

    The Mayan Baths, which are rooted like houses in stone, are one of the wonders of these houses, which have traditional treasures in the form of traditional baths and, according to the traditions of the peoples where they are remembered, and the evidence of existing issues and health issues, it was observed. The building of this bath is as follows: it connects its alleys to the hallway, first like the other caverns of that alley, and this alley ends at the end of the hall. After the hallway, in the middle of the door is connected to the bathroom cabinet I am
    In the ancient village of the village, the same way and design of residential units, except the width and depth of the cell and its route of entry is more than residential units. In general, from the beginning of the alley to the depths, the dimensions of the classes are wider.
    The Meydan mosque is the source of changes that have been made in one or more residential units. The mosque is about 120 square meters in size and circular and irregular in shape, after passing a 1.5 m wide corridor to the courtyard of the mosque. The mosque roof is built on three stone pillars, two meters high. The altar of the mosque is carved in rocks and its height is about 1 meter. Meijandi's veil, whose signs of the foreheads and walls and ceiling of the mosque are still well known, have created niches, altar and stone pillars in the mosque.
    Hosseiniyeh Meymand is located in the middle of the village and has three arches with rock arches at the end of which are the entrance of Hosseinieh. Husseinieh building was constructed from the accumulation of rocky residential houses and all its components were carved out of stone. Husseinieh's internal spaces had an irregular plan and An area of 200 square meters has 4 square columns of static, rectangular shape. In the past, there was a stone-lined stone hinged on the ground and relied on the first pillar next to the entrance to Husseinieh, which was recently cut and placed instead of wooden pillars.
  • More Info

    Meymand Climate Shahrbabak is a temperate mountainous climate characterized by its cold winters and temperate summers. The village is situated on the common border of the plain and the mountain, and this plain was located in the distance between the city of Babak and Meymand, and in the past was covered with woods and gardens, which are now limited to the plains around the village of Meymand. Somewhat closer to the village, the trees and berries are abundantly found.
    Meymandh Plain is also full of desert animals such as snakes, lizards, hedgehogs, turtles, rabbits, etc. Additionally, in the mountains, there are also various wildlife such as deer, leopard, wolf, fox, gooseberry, Quebec, and birds of prey. There are several seasonal rivers and a number of aqueducts along with several springs in and around Meymand, which has boosted agricultural activity in the area. Agriculture in Meymand, as well as other natural works, gives the village a special effect. In the spring of May, Miami will have the most beautiful face. The freshness, liveliness and liveliness of the Meymand Plain and the favorable climate of that massive crowds of towns and villages around them, and people spend their time in this village or near the springs, aqueducts and the river Meymand.

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