Historical Dishmuk

(39 رای)

Historical Dishmuk Historical Castle Historical castles of Dishmok are historic places dating back to the Parthian and Sassanid periods, especially the western rock formations associated with the Parthian period. The texture of its new architecture dates back to Zandy and Qajar periods.

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The courtyard of the historic Dishmok castle dates from the Zandy and Qajar periods and its western courtyard to the first period of the Pahlavi.
Due to the fact that the castle had underground corridors in both eastern and western parts, it was therefore a stronghold that was hard and difficult to capture in the past world.

  • Background information

    People in the region believe that the Dishmuk word is derived from the fortress. Whoever ruled the castle during the age of the region should say that the dust of the research area has failed to answer this question.
    It can only be said that in the contemporary period, especially from the Qajar era to the 57th Dishmuk historical castle, the dwelling place of the Sheriffs was a cold from the Khalil Khan tribe, especially Dark Ja'far Khani.

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