Historical brigde of Bargan

(49 رای)

The bridge of the village of Bargan is a function of the Savojbolagh city, which has a valuable historical background and experts attribute its longevity to the Safavid era.

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  • Address : Karaj, Kordan Road, Barghan Village, Village Entrance

This bridge is located in Savohbolagh city, a part of the village of Barghan, and has a historical background.

  • Background information

    Berghan Bridge is related to the Safavid period
  • Specific information

    The bridge was registered in the National Register of Antiquities in the early 80's due to its architectural and archaeological importance, and experts, scholars and archaeologists have described a great deal of historical and spiritual value for this work.
  • Outlook

    The entrance to the village of Bargan is the old bridge of the Borgān, which is related to the Safavid period. This bridges along the gentle slopes of the river has a beautiful effect. The river water flows from the Dur'at and Durham Dorasht that leads to the Byrhan River.
  • Recommendation

    This bridge is located in the beautiful and historic village of Bergan and has many spectacular places around it.
  • More Info

    This work was released on February 2, 2003 with the number 10825 as one of the national works of Iran

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