Historical homemade of the village of Temin, Sistan and Baluchestan

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Tamin village is another tissue of the village of Sistan and Baluchestan province, which has a rocky architecture. Some see it as similar to the village of Kandovan in East Azarbaijan, but the structure of this historic village is quite different from the Kandovan.

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_Image: This is Balochistan Paradise. A village called Temin from the functions of the Miyarveh section of Zahedan, with its unique climate and beautiful nature, is a good option for a trip. The stone and rural texture of Taming has made it the most exclusive village in the province, which has not changed much due to the environmental conditions of the area.
The features of this historic village are the presence of atriums in the residential and central part of the village of Tamin, which has been identified and introduced in recent years by the province's cultural heritage.
Archaeologists believe that prehistoric humans in the heart of rocks made of limestone, salt, sand, sand and rocky gardens dug out atriums that they can see today.

  • Specific information

    The village of Tamin, with rocky architecture, includes houses with spherical short stones and vaults separated by columns at low altitudes.

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