Hosseiniyeh Navab Birjand

(41 رای)

Hosseiniye Navab Birjand is one of the most famous rituals of the city of Birjand, which was commissioned by Amirzadeh Khatun called Nawab or Bib Navab, one of the wives of Amir Ismael Khan Khazimi, for the purpose of establishing mourning ceremonies for the public.

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  • Address : South Khorasan - Birjand - Motahari Street - East of Chaharderakht Quarter.

Architecture: Hosseinieh Navab building with special interior architecture of hot and dry desert areas is fully compatible with the region's climate.
The presence of the entrances with decorations of Gypsum Mogharnas and gypsum poetry in the forehead of the entrance, the vestibule, the dome in the eastern side of the courtyard in the form of permafrost with Mogharnas decorations and geometric workpieces, the northern and southern porches, a large courtyard with vaults in two The floors around the courtyard form the architecture of the building.