House of Ibrahim Khan

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The house of Ibrahim Khan (Ibrahim Khan's mansion house) is the ruler of Dodanje, which dates from the 13th century AH and is located in the village of Mahladeh, Mahdishahr. This work was recorded on November 22, 1982 as one of the national works of Iran.

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  • Address : Semnan, village of Malalai

The main materials of the building are clay and brick and the facade of that brick and plaster. Each building has two floors and each floor has a large number of rooms and corridor associated with the rooms and upper floors.

  • Background information

    This mansion was built in 1287 AH by Ebrahim Khan, the ruler of Dodanje and Chahardangeh for personal residence, after which he was settled by his son Ismail Khan.
  • Specific information

    These buildings have tiled roofs and the false ceiling forms the roof of the second floor, as well as the type of plastering on the walls of the room and porches, the construction of vaults on the wall, beautiful paintings on the wall, and the creation of small fireplaces to the interior of the building has a special effect. And also at the entrance of the rooms are wood and side windows are decorated with colored glass.
  • Outlook

    The house of Ibrahim Khan, also known as the Mladeh hunting site, is located in the village of Mladeh, which is located in Mahdishahr city, 70 km north of Semnan. It consists of two large buildings on the east and west sides, about 50 meters in parallel Are each other.
  • More Info

    The ceiling of the rooms of this house is wooden upper and has been specially designed with different paintings. Both buildings in this mansion have a large courtyard with many and varied trees.

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